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Novelty ID Order Form

Fake ID Master offers FREE shipping on ALL orders.

Ordering from Fake ID Master ensures that you receive your Novelty ID card in the nick of time, without hassle. We offer three major express courier options to suit most any shipping destination or scenario, worldwide or domestic. The cost of shipping is already incorporated into the price of each novelty ID.

On your order form, you will need to specify your choice of one of the following three delivery methods:

All prices are in US dollar amounts. For valid payment, we accept cash in a variety of currencies (USD, CAD, AUD, Euro, and British Pounds are preferred). We also accept International Money Orders in USD denomination (foreign currency amounts may incur additional processing time and/or fees).

For payment, we recommend Western Union Money Orders, MoneyGram Money Orders, or any national bank's certified Money Order. We do also accept USPS International Money Orders, however please read below.

*Money Orders - Important* - If sending a money order, you must leave the 'Pay to:' / 'Payee:' / 'Pay to the order of:' field blank. Also please do not enter our mailing address in the payee field. (Save it for the address field)
Please do NOT write 'Novelty ID', 'Fake ID', 'Novelty California', etc., or any other imaginative names in the payee field, as these money orders can not be cashed, and will only be returned or cancelled.

In short, simply leave the 'Pay to:' line empty.

If you are purchasing a US Postal Service Money Order, please note that there are two types: Regular (domestic), and International. We do NOT accept the regular USPS Postal Money Orders. Such money orders cannot be cashed in Canada. You must use a USPS International Money Order (pink colored, not green).

We do NOT accept credit cards, due to high fraud risk.

We do NOT accept personal checks, due to high fraud risk.

Order Steps

Step #1) You will need to print off and fill out our Novelty ID Order Form.

Step #2) Include with your order a signature sample to be affixed to your novelty fake ID card.

Step #3) Include with your order a photo of yourself. The larger the image, the higher-quality your novelty ID will turn out (due to the fact that when we reduce your image size to that necessary for your novelty fake ID, we will actually condense all of the imagery in your photo, to produce a higher-resolution image for printing).

You may send either a traditional film photograph, or, at your option -- include a digital photo image on CDROM or diskette.

Step #4) Bundle your order form (with signature), photo, and payment inside of a regular or security envelope. If sending cash, it is highly recommended that you use a security envelope and/or enfold your money with a dark sheet of paper.

If you are sending your order to us via an express courier envelope, you should still seal your order in a regular envelope inside of the envelope provided by the courier.

Step #5) Mail your Novelty ID order to our address:

   Station A
   Nanaimo BC V9R 6E7

Your order will be filled and shipped in 2 working days or less (some orders are shipped out the same day we receive them).

All orders will be delivered to their destination within 2 - 4 days, depending on your location and/or the shipping method you choose.

This makes the total turnaround time from the day we receive your order to the day of delivery at your address between 2 - 6 days.

We offer the following US states: (Click to View Sample)

Some facts about our novelty ID cards:

Cards are printed onto genuine PVC plastic cards with magnetic encoded strips and/or scannable barcode.

Our cards exceed bend-proofing and UV-spectrum analysis test standards.

User data is digitally programmed onto your card's magnetic strip. This data is retrievable and fully-readable in standard card scanners that you will find anywhere.

Each ID is affixed with an in-line hologram including MLI (Metallic Layering Insignia) credentials.

You can expect order turnaround times of less than 2 weeks from the date you send your order form to us. If you Express deliver your order form to us, we can produce and deliver your novelty ID card within 5 working days or less.

Every ID order is shipped via your choice of: FedEx, Purolator Courier, or Xpresspost. The cost of shipping is included in the price of each ID.

We will ship to any address in the USA or Worldwide, including P.O. Boxes.

Novelty ID Order Form

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